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Day 1 - July 9, 2015

Windsor Plaza Hotel, Level 7, Main Ballroom

Mobile Game Asia 2015 Ho Chi Minh City - July 9
Main Stage
MC: Jessie Wang, Head of International Strategy, GMGC
9:00-9:35Opening Address
David Song, Founder & CEO, GMGC
Maxim de Wit, VP of International, GMGC
9:35-10:00Keynote: Vietnam Mobile Game Market Insight Q1 & 2, 2015
Vuong Vu Thang, Founder & CEO, SohaGame
10:00-10:50Panel: SEA Publishers And Their Market Strategies
Moderator: Gerald Tock, CEO, Inzen Studio
Thomas Andreasen, CGO & Co-Founder, Playlab
Keith E. Morales, Head of Publishing, Altitude Games
Robin Sagacious Ng, Director of International Business, Asiasoft
Frank Sliwka, CEO, IB Media
10:50-11:10Coffee Break
11:10-11:35Keynote: The Role Of A Game Publisher In Vietnam
Le Hong Minh, CEO, VNG
11:35-12:00Keynote: Monetization Strategies In South East Asia
Preecha Praipattarakul, Co-CEO, MOL Global
13:30-13:50Keynote: Predictive Monetization
David Chun, Managing Director, Greater China, Tapjoy
13:50-14:05Keynote: Mobile Games For Asian Women
Yup Hwang, Vice President, PATI Games
14:05-15:00Panel: Playbook For The Vietnamese Mobile Games Market
Moderator:  Nam Nguyen, Board Member, Bluebird Award
Andy Nguyen, VP, Mobile Online Group
Tran Vinh Quang, COO, Appota
Le Giang Anh, CEO, JOY Entertainment
Ngo Van Luyen, Founder & CEO, Divmob
15:00-15:20Coffee Break
15:20-15:40Keynote: One Stop Solution For International Mobile Games
Michael Hou, VP, HALO (Digital)
15:40-16:00Keynote: How To Monetize Non-paying SEA & India Users Through Rewarded Video Ads
Rohit Sharma, Founder & CEO, POKKT
16:00-16:50Panel: Talent Sourcing In SEA 
Moderator: Teddy Florea, Head of International BD, GMGC
Christopher Natsuume, Co-Founder, Boomzap Entertainment
Le Giang Anh, CEO, JOY Entertainment
Jakob Lykkegaard, Co-Founder & CEO, Playlab
Guillaume Monier, COO, Glass Egg
16:50-17:40Panel: Best Practises For User Acquisition And Monetization Through Ads
Moderator: Jakob Nilsson, Co-Founder & CEO, Game Plus
Wandrille Pruvot, VP Sales APAC, Bee7
Truong Cong Thanh, COO, AdFlex
Damian Kim, Head of Gaming SEA, India & ANZ, Facebook
Tony Truong, Director of Strategy, Admicro

Day 2 - July 10, 2015

Windsor Plaza Hotel, Level 7, Main Ballroom

Mobile Game Asia 2015 Ho Chi Minh City - July 10
MC: Teddy Florea, Head of International BD, GMGC
9:30-9:50Keynote: Leveraging Vietnam for a Global Gaming Business
Tetsuya Mori, Managing Director, DeNA Singapore & Chairman, DeNA Hanoi
9:50-10:10Keynote: Looking At Data: An Overview Of The Mobile Game Market In China And Vietnam
Robin Huang, VP of BD, DataEye
10:10-11:00Panel: Monetization In Southeast Asia
Moderator: Nimit Panpalia, VP of Global BD, POKKT
Johary Mustapha, CEO, Forest Interactive
Joerg Tente, Managing Director, GAMEVIL Southeast Asia
Don Sim, CEO, Quest Drop
Shailesh Naik, Founder & CEO, MatchMove
11:00-11:20Coffee Break
11:20-11:40Keynote: Mobile Game Publishing Through The Zalo Game Center
Chris Liu, Head of Mobile Game Publishing, VNG
11:40-12:00Keynote: Mobile Game Market In India
Venkatesh C.R., CEO, Dot Com Infoway
13:30-13:50Keynote: Forget Featuring: Just Build Better Apps
David Yin, Google Play Apps & Games, SEA & Australia, Google
13:50-14:10Keynote: Building A Sustainable eSports Ecosystem On Touch Devices, Casestudy: Vainglory
Taewon Yun, General Manager APAC, Super Evil Megacorp
14:10-15:00Panel: Conceptualizing A Game In The Pre-production Stage
Moderator: Yan Marchal, CEO, Sanuk Games
Phil Tran, CEO, Glass Egg
Tedo Salim, Founder & CEO, Alkemis Games
Bazil Akmal Bidin, Game Producer,Terato Tech
Tony Zander, VP, Product & Development, Vectr Ventures
15:00-15:20Coffee Break
15:20-15:40Keynote: The Roadmap Of Mediasoft In The Development Of Its Own IP Since Day One
Havene Liew, Managing Director & Founder, Mediasoft Entertainment
15:40-16:00Keynote: How Game Genre Affects Localization
Conor Bracken, CEO, Andovar
16:00-16:50Panel: Conquering The Dragon: China The 4.5 Billion Dollar Market
Moderator: David Song, Founder & CEO, GMGC
Monte Singman, VP of International BD, iDreamSky
Cheah Kam Weng, Overseas Business Director, Kingsoft
Norman Lo, CEO,Kings Toy Technology
Jung Suh, VP Of Global Publishing Yodo1
16:50-17:40Panel: How To Leverage Social For Your Games
Moderator: Jacob Riis, Program & Comms Director, Nordic Game
Taewon Yun, General Manager APAC, Super Evil Megacorp
Thuy Thanh Truong, Director of BD, Asia, Weeby.co
Richard Chua, General Manager, IGG Singapore
Nam Anh Ta, Director of Mobile Game Marketing, VNG
17:40-17:50Closing Ceremony


Official After Party

Lush Saigon

Lý Tự Trọng, Bến Nghé, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Date & Time

2015-07-09 09:00 - Start

2015-07-10 18:00 - End

  • Vietnam Hồ Chí Minh phường 9
  • Windsor Plaza Hotel, 18 An Dương Vương